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Can you answer the questions on the first chapter of 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone'?

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What does Mr Dursley's firm Grunnings make?
What colour hair does Mrs Dursley have?
What day of the week does the story start?
What kind of owl flew past the window that morning?
What kind of cat is sitting at the corner of Privet Drive?
On what floor is Mr Dursley's office?
What did Mr Dursley buy from the bakery?
What colour cloak is the man Mr Dursley walks into wearing?
What is the name of the weather-man?
What is the colour of Dumbledore's hair and beard?
What is Dumbledore's Deluminator called in this chapter?
What shape glasses does McGonagall wear?
What colour cloak is McGonagall wearing?
Who does McGongall think was responsible for the shooting stars in Kent?
What type of sweet is Dumbledore eating?
Dumbledore 'never blushed so much' since who said she liked his new earmuffs?
What is McGonagall's handkerchief made of?
What is on Dumbledore's watch instead of numbers?
Who would Dumbledore trust with his life?
What were Hagrid's feet compared to?
Who lent Hagrid the motorbike?
Harry fell asleep just as they were flying over which city?
What shape is Dumbledore's scar?
What did Dumbledore tuck inside Harry's blankets?
Whose scream would wake Harry in the morning?

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