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Can you answer the questions about Harry Potter's time at the 1994 Quidditch World Cup?

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What is the name of the wizard in charge of portkeys?
What is the name of the Diggorys' site manager?
What team did Ludo Bagman play for?
What was written on the sign by the Weasleys' camping spot?
Who did Mr Weasley borrow the tent from?
What was the name of the toddler playing with the slug?
What was the name of the man in the flowery nightgown?
Which team had Oliver Wood been signed to?
Which Hufflepuff in their year did the trio meet on their way around the campsite?
What was Arnold Peasegood's profession?
How much do Fred and George bet Bagman?
What does Crouch call Percy?
How much was a pair of omnioculars?
What colour were the stairs into the stadium?
What was the name of the broom advertised as 'A Broom for All the Family'?
What colour eyes does Winky have?
What spell does Bagman use to amplify his voice?
What were the Bulgarian team mascots?
What were the Irish team mascots?
Who was the first player on the pitch?
What broom were all the Irish team playing on?
What colour were the referee's robes?
Which Irish chaser was first to score?
What was the name of the 'dangerous Seeker diversion' that Krum performed?
What spell does Bagman use to return his voice to normal?

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