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Can you answer the questions about Harry Potter's first visit to Diagon Alley?

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In the Leaky Cauldron, what kind of hat was the man talking to the barman wearing?
Who was the first person to shake Harry's hand?
Which member of the Order of the Phoenix does Harry meet in the Leaky Cauldron?
What is the subject of the book Quirrell was picking up?
What does Hagrid say Quirrell had 'a nasty bit o' trouble with'?
What did Hagrid tap the wall to Diagon Alley with?
What are the first things we see advertised for sale in Diagon Alley?
Name one of the five kinds of owl mentioned on the Eeylops sign
What colour is Gringotts?
Finish the quote. 'Thief, you have been warned, beware...'
What number vault is the 'You-Know-What' in?
What colour was Madam Malkin wearing?
Who did Malfoy remind Harry of?
Which two Hogwarts houses does Malfoy mention?
What ice-cream did Hagrid buy Harry?
Where did Harry and Hagrid go after Madam Malkin's?
Apart from a book of curses, what would Hagrid not let Harry buy?
How much was a silver unicorn horn?
Which animal makes Hagrid sneeze?
Finish the quote. 'Ollivander: Makers of Fine Wands since...'
What colour cushion was the wand in the window of Ollivander's sitting on?
What wood was Lily Potter's wand made of?
What was James Potter's wand 'excellent' for?
What two colours were the sparks that came from Harry's new wand?
How much was Harry's wand?

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