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QUIZ: Can you guess the Pretty Little Liars Name Chain

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Forced Order
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Blonde in the group
Whose mother is
Who hooked up with this police officer
Who was killed by
Who looks like and hangs out with
Whose big brother is
Who had a red room filled with pictures of
Whose little brother is
Whose father is
Who cheated on his wife with
Who drugged
Who is in a relationship with
Whose little brother is
Who revealed to Aria that Ezra's baby mother is
Whose son is
Who was with this 'A' team member at the carnival
Whose boyfriend is
Whose step-sister is
Who dated this former police offer
Who was defended in his case by
Whose husband is
Whose older daughter is
Who was married to
Who was going to shove this person off the bell tower
Who kissed this boyfriend of Melissa's
Who was in charge of overseeing this patient at Radley
Whose 'A' sidekick was
Who was bullied by
Who kissed this person in 'Over My Dead Body'
Whose second girlfriend went to True North
Who was killed by her former boyfriend
Who tried to kill this person in the lighthouse
Whose father is
Whose wife is
Whose house got crashed into by
Who is also known as this since season 4
Who came to this person's funeral
Who is succeeded by this police officer
Who was kissed by
Whose father is
Who marries
Whose daughter is
Who goes horseback riding with Hanna and...
Who was dumped by
Whose girlfriend's body was found in the lake by Emily
Whose girlfriend was friends with Ali from a young age
Who was killed by
Whose ex boyfriend was a martial arts instructor
Whose student was
Who fake dated
Who blackmailed this person about revealing the truth about the essay
Whose ex-boyfriend is
Who helped this person choose colleges
Whose girlfriend reported to the police that Ali was alive
Who was referred to as 'pig skin' by this person

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