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Can you name the What was the Tyne Tees schedule on 2nd July 1998??

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09.25-09.30 and 10.10-12.15The opposite of That Afternoon
09.30-10.10Begins with a 'V' and ends with an 'A'
12.15-12.30The opposite of South West Olds
12.30-13.00The latest goings on
13.00-13.25At your place of residence and away from it
13.25-14.10Rhymes with the Said He Singer Snow
14.10-14.45A soap opera beginning with an 'E'
14.45-15.15Rhymes with Mails Blooper Farted Cheap
15.15-15.20A programme that was on before
15.20-15.25A local programme that was on before
15.25-15.35[CiTV]An abbreviation of Hippopotamus and then Park
15.35-15.45[CiTV]The ____ers
15.45-15.55[CiTV]The opposite of Live Action time
15.55-16.15[CiTV]What you do when you turn the television over
16.15-16.40[CiTV]What do you call a man with a spade on his head?
16.40-17.10[CiTV]To trace it once more
17.10-17.40An Australian soap that was on before
17.40-18.00A source of information
18.00-19.00The opposite of South West Last night
19.30-20.00We are able to solve this
20.00-21.00A statement of how much money is owed
21.00-22.00I_o_en's _ace
22.00-22.30Been on an awful lot
22.30-22.45So has this
22.45-23.15The Dr.______Show[rhymes with sock]
23.15-23.45______at the Baths[rhymes with Giraffes]
23.45-00.10Not tales from the light side but...
00.10-00.45A type of bus or sports helper
00.45-01.30Repeat of a programme that was on before
01.30-02.00Contains the place Jongleurs
02.00-02.30A world based on a type of music and Profiles of people
02.30-02.55Box Office in another country
02.55-03.20Rhymes with Pie Snatchers
03.20-03.45Repeat of earlier
03.45-04.15The highlights of a country's motor sport
04.15-04.25ITV _____ Classics
04.25-05.30Assistance in finding an occupation
05.30-06.00Latest goings-on

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