Television Quiz / What was Anglia's schedule on 29th March 1997?

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Can you name the What was Anglia's schedule on 29th March 1997??

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Time ProgrammeClue
06.00-09.25The breakfast franchise
09.25The 1995-8 saturday morning show
11.30The music spinoff of the SMS
12.30I used to like this film review show
13.00A source of information
13.05Another source of information
13.10Volcano explodes,rhymes with the Shaking of Man Trays Seek
13.40Initials are WOW
14.00Continue your sleuth activities
15.40It's to do with racing
17.15It's like before but involves results of something
17.30Again but slightly different
Time ProgrammeClue
17.40A popular American sitcom late 90s/early 00s
18.10Not late edition,initials are EE
19.05Not ''You,Gamble!'' but...
20.05A show where people impersonate singers
20.50It's been on a lot on this day
21.05The inexperienced one
23.101st April
00.10Into night time,a film based on a B+W sitcom
02.50Someone you don't know
04.25Consuming audio
04.35Most current and trendy bunker
05.30-06.00The opposite of Afternoon Olds

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