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Name a bald mean man off EastEnders.Does NOT begin with a 'G'
In what year did most of ITV start broadcasting 24 hours?Was in the 1980s
Who played the Doctor in Doctor Who from 1970-1974?DOES begin with a 'J'
What character did Daniel Anthony play in the Sarah Jane Adventures?Contains two 'E's
In what year did BBC2 launch?Was in the 1960s
Who was the first Big Brother winner?Begins with a 'C'
When was the first Digimon episode shown on CiTV?Was in 2000
Which TV listings magazines used to have seperate listings?BBC in one,ITV and C4 in the other
Who is a famous news presenter?Hosted News at Ten for many years
In what programme were children chased by a creature and had to answer questions?Hosted by Michael Underwood

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