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Can you name the actors who played the Power Rangers MMPR-Samurai?

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Jason Lee ScottRed MMPR #1
Zachary TaylorBlack MMPR #1
Trini KwanYellow MMPR #1
Kimberly Ann HartPink MMPR #1
Billy CranstonBlue MMPR
Tommy OliverGreen/White MMPR,Red Z/T#1,Black DT
Rocky DeSantosRed MMPR #2,Blue Z
Adam ParkBlack MMPR #2,Green Z,Green T#1
Aisha CampbellYellow MMPR #2
Katherine HillardPink MMPR #2,Pink Z,Pink T#1
Tanya SloanYellow Zeo,Turbo #1
Justin StewartBlue Turbo Ranger
Theodore Jay Jarvis JohnsonRed Turbo Ranger #2,Blue Space
Carlos ValertezGreen Turbo Ranger #2,Black Space
Ashley HammondYellow Turbo Ranger #2,Yellow Space
Cassie ChanPink Turbo Ranger #2,Pink Space
AndrosRed Space Ranger
ZhaneSilver Space Ranger
Leo CorbettRed Galaxy Ranger
Kai ChenBlue Galaxy Ranger
Damon HendersonGreen Galaxy Ranger
MayaYellow Galaxy Ranger
Kendrix MorganPink Galaxy Ranger #1
Mike CorbettMagna Defender
KaronePink Galaxy Ranger #2
Carter GraysonRed Lightspeed Ranger
Chad LeeBlue Lightspeed Ranger
Joel RawlingsGreen Lightspeed Ranger
Kelsey WinslowYellow Lightspeed Ranger
Dana MitchellPink Lightspeed Ranger
Ryan MitchellTitanium Ranger
Wesley Collins/Alex DrakeRed Time Force Rangers
Lucas KendallBlue Time Force Ranger
Trip RegisGreen Time Force Ranger
Katie WalkerYellow Time Force Ranger
Jennifer ScottsPink Time Force Ranger
Eric MyersQuantum Time Force Ranger
Cole EvansRed Wild Force Ranger
Maxwell CooperBlue Wild Force Ranger
Daniel DegaldoBlack Wild Force Ranger
Taylor EardheartYellow Wild Force Ranger
Alyssa EnrileWhite Wild Force Ranger
Merrick BalitonLunar Wild Force Ranger
Shane ClarkeRed Wind Ranger
Dustin ''Waldo'' BrooksYellow Wind Ranger
Tori HansonBlue Wind Ranger
Hunter BradleyCrimson Thunder Ranger
Blake BradleyNavy Thunder Ranger
Cameron WatanbeGreen Samurai Ranger
Connor McKnightRed Dino Ranger
Ethan JamesBlue Dino Ranger
Kira FordYellow Dino Ranger
Trent FernadezWhite Drago Ranger
Jack LandorsRed SPD Ranger
Schyuler TateBlue SPD Ranger[Red after]
Bridge CarsonGreen SPD Ranger[Blue and Red after]
Elizabeth DegaldoYellow SPD Ranger
Sydney DrewPink SPD Ranger
Doggie Cruger/DaggeronShadow Ranger,Solaris Knight
Dr.Kat ManxKat Ranger
Nicholas Russell AKA BowenRed Mystic Ranger
Charlie ''Chip'' ThornYellow Mystic Ranger
Xander BlyGreen Mystic Ranger
Madison RoccaBlue Mystic Ranger
Vida RoccaPink Mystic Ranger
UdonnaWhite Mystic Ranger
LeanbowWolf Warrior
Mackenzie HartfordRed Overdrive Ranger
William AstonBlack Overdrive Ranger
Dax LoBlue Overdrive Ranger
Veronica RobinsonYellow Overdrive Ranger
Rose OrtizPink Overdrive Ranger
TyzonnMercury Overdrive Ranger
Casey RhodesRed Jungle Fury Ranger
Theo MartinBlue Jungle Fury Ranger
Lily ChilmanYellow Jungle Fury Ranger
Robert JamesWolf Ranger
Dominic HarganRhino Ranger
Scott TrumanRed RPM Ranger
Flynn McAllistairBlue RPM Ranger
Summer LandsdownYellow RPM Ranger
Ziggy GroverGreen RPM Ranger
Dillon Black RPM Ranger
GemGold RPM Ranger
GemmaSilver RPM Ranger
JaydenRed Samurai Ranger
KevinBlue Samurai Ranger
EmilyYellow Samurai Ranger
Mike Green Samurai Ranger
Mia WatanbePink Samurai Ranger
Antonio GarciaGold Samurai Ranger

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