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'and we will become one, with the antelopes!'
'There is nothing on earth I can do to show just how much I love you!'
'please! give me a second chance! at LIFE!'
'You have nowhere else to go...'
'Black... haired.'
'Brian and I were talking about you just now.'
'Started throwing books, so I've heard it said! Making Peter wish that he was dead!'
'if only I could be happy... and yet... i simply cannot. '
'I hope you're happy goin on! I hope you're happy... my son!'
'Why is there a MADAME in my house?!'
'No, no, not lied at all! No I never lied!'
'You do such anal things, you study and you eat my pears!'
'Tis 11:30! ...when the French come out!'
'..and now I really have to pee!'
'But now that you've recognized me everything's okay! We can be together forever!'
'I'll be right here. Waiting. All night.'
'My life is lonely and my heart is empty!'
'At last, my heart is complete again!'
'Seven days at school can make you hungry for a poke!'
'After all, my life would suck without him!'
'But the Garou comes at night, with his voice as soft as thunder!'
'Oh, and look - a cute girl!'
'You'll always have me!'
'Love is more important than anything!'
'Because perfection does not exist..'
'My love his his, and now he ends his life!'
'It's all because of... my past'
'..in your horrific attempt to achieve perfection, when in reality... PERFECTION DOES NOT EXIST!!!!!!'
'You are ruining my life!'
'but I'm a beeeeep!'
'bu-bu-burritos! ta-ta-ta-tacos! e-e-e-e-e-e-enchiladas!'
'What do you think I mean to do with her?'
'Johnathan! JOHNATHAN! Are you okay??'
'And so, they all lived happily ever after!'
'eleka nahmen nahmen ramen ramen eleka nahmen!'
'Go! Leave me! '
'He made Peter so emo, or so it would seem-o!'
'Everybody loves onii-chan!!'
'There is no need to push it this far!'
'And no MADAME, for that matter.'
'Our Onii-chan Da-aniel, he was there, so they say, when our parents ran away!'
'living with this *beeep*-astard in the house!!'
'his road of good intentions led where such roads always lead!'
'Gwasha! What is this? Avery!'
'I can't believe it...I've lost everyone!'
'F***! It sucks to be me!'
I can't quite explain it, but... I don't like that girl. At all.'
'I would have perished without him, he is my life.'
'..The one with the cat.'
'My dirty jokes, my always hungry William'
'Without him, I feel his arms around me!'
'Susan... i have something to tell you'
'Why has the world made is this way!? Fate! I detest thee!'
'Don't we shine beautiful?'

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