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Can you name the years and names during President Jackson period?

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How many terms did Jackson served?
What is name of Jackson's wife?
Peggy Eaton Affair (year)
Who beat him for the presidency when it was put into the House of Representatives through what has been called the Corrupt Bargain?
indian removal act was signed when?
What is the nickname of Andrew Jackson?
Who recounted New England disloyalty during war of 1812?
From 1835 to 1838, Cherokee and Creek are forcibly removed from the Southeast onto reservations. Nearly one quarter die along what became known as
Who is 'the Great Compromiser'?
Who is the 8th president?(Jackson picked him with his own hand)
panic of _____
When was the first MODERN president election?
______,a tutor in GA, built a cotton engine and cotton farming soared in the south

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