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Can you name the important names,events,and quotes during the Presidency of Jacksonian?

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refers to the conferral of office on people based upon political concerns rather than fitness for office
AJ had a group of 'good ole boys' who were outside of the normal cabinet were called?
financial crisis in the United States built on a speculative fever
This idea from Buren's Ind. Treasury later became the fed. Reserved system in 1913
Emerson wrote Self-Reliance that defined what?
Many ____ Americans viewed the immagrants as threats to politics, and as 'alien riff-raff'
This began with the industrial revolution in England and Europe
who got involved in 1st sex scandal?
Mudslinging reached the new heights as Jackson and wife Rachel were called...
Who defended New England and the union against vicious attacked by Hayne
After defending the New England, what did Webster denounced?
What is a famous quote from Webster?
Who escaped the potato famine and considered igonorant in cities?
The _______ escaping revolution were considered sober and hard-working in mid-west

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