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Can you name the Bones of the Body?

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General LocationBoneHint
SkullThe Forehead
SkullTop of the head
SkullWhen running away from monkeys in TEMPle run, the guy fell and hit the side of his head
Skullsaucer-shaped membrane at the back lower part of the cranium
Skullstrongest bone of the face (Think lower)
Throatright above the larynx, part of the throat
ShoulderLong bone of short length (hint: collarbone)
ShoulderShaped like, and rhymes with spatula!
ThoraxElongated, flattened bone; aka chest bone
ThoraxThese keep your lungs safe and sound
VertebralCervical spine is consisted of seven of these
VertebralFive of these vertebrae between the rib cage and the pelvis
General LocationBoneHint
VertebralBetween the cervical vertebrae and the lumbar vertebrae
ArmsFunny Bone
Arms'elbow bone'
ArmsHalf of a diameter
Handsset of 5 bones in each hand
HandsThere are ten of these
Pelvisalso known as the hip bone
Pelvisthe tailbone!
LegsRhymes with lemur!
Legsreferred to as a 'knee-pan'
Legscalf bone
Feetbone of the tarsus of the foot

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