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What does USWNT stand for?
Which player currently wears number 1?
How many players represented the U.S. at the 2015 Women's World Cup?
Who is currently number 13?
Who did US beat in the 2012 Olympic final to win the gold medal?
What position does Hope Solo play?
How many goals did Carli Lloyd score in the World Cup Final?
What do the gals call Amy Rodriguez?
What is Lauren Holiday's maiden name?
What number is Kelley O'Hara?
Who scored the first goal in the USA vs. GER world cup semifinal?
Who wore number 6 in the 2015 WWC?
What does HAO stand for?
What number did Sydney Leroux wear in the 2015 WWC?
Who got fouled to give Carli the PK against Germany?
Which former player famously took off their shirt after winning the 1999 World Cup Final?
Who was a bridesmaid at Sydney Leroux's wedding?
Which midfielder has a twin sister?
What is her twin's name?
What is Alex Morgan's nickname on the team?
Which player holds the record for most goals scored?
Who starts at Right back?
What is Meghan Klingenberg's nickname?
Who was the oldest player in the 2015 WWC?
Who battled Lupus?
Which player played for Paris Saint Germain?
Who dragged Carli Lloyd up a mountain during the 2015 WWC?
What NWSL team does Alyssa Naeher play for?
What college did Christen Press attend?
Which forward turned defender played every minute of the London Olympics?
What is Becky Sauerbrunn's nickname?
Which player is from St. Simon's Island, Georgia?
Mia Hamm was number _____?
Which blonde player wears thick blue pre-wrap?
How many stars does the USWNT wear over their crest?
What NWSL team does Tobin Heath play for?
What is Dunn's first name?
What state was Tobin Heath born in?
Which player is from Diamond Bar, California?
Which player played for Lyon in France?
Which player speaks fluent German?
Who was called up to the NT at the age of 17 in 2002?
What is Tobin Heath's nickname?
What is Kelley O'Hara's sister's name?
Which (former) player is the most capped in the history of the USWNT?
What is Mittsy's first name?
What position does Heather O'Reilly play?
What position does Becky Sauerbrunn play?
Who is the second (backup) goal keeper?
Which player started at left back in the 2015 WWC?
Which player was captain until January 2016?
Who is known as the 'squirrel' of the team?
Who is the oldest irish player?
Which current player famously got cut from the 2015 WWC squad?
Who wore number 16 in the 2015 WWC?
Which current player is from Pittsburgh?
What is Christen Press's nickname?
Which player does Dawn call 'princess'?
Tobin Heath is from which city?
What is Julie Johnston's nickname?
What number is Christen Press usually?
What college did Meghan Klingenberg attend?
Who is famous for flipping their braid?
Which player is from Peachtree City, Georgia?
Emily Sonnet plays what position?
What player is 'the Kid'?
Who claims they are the 'goofy' one on the team?
What number is Ashlyn Harris?
Who is the oldest 'new kid'?
Who went to Santa Clara University?
Which NT player won the MAC Hermann Trophy in 2012?
What college did Ashlyn Harris attend?
Which midfielder wears their socks low?
Who was the oldest forward on the 2015 WWC team?
Who did the NT lose to in the 2011 World cup final?
What state is Julie Johnston from?
Which coach famously benched Hope Solo in the 2007 WWC?
Who has a sister named Perry?
'We need a bitch, get _____' - Jill Ellis
What club did Krieger, Kling, Press, Engen and Harris play for in Sweden?
Who is the youngest new kid?
Who is the fitness coach?
Who has a brother named Marcus?
Where did Becky Sauerbrunn attend college?
Who did the US beat in PKs in the 2011 WC quarterfinal?
Who broke their leg in college?
Who wore number 19 in the 2015 WWC?
How old was Tobin Heath during her first Olympics?
Which player went to the University of Portland?
Who did the NT tie in the 2015 WC group stage?
What is Alex Morgan's natural hair color?
Ali Krieger's arm tattoo says _____?
What NWSL club does Christen Press play for?
who is currently the head coach of the USWNT?
Whose signature goal celebration is jumping on someone and flexing their biceps?
Who won US Soccer female player of the year in 2015?
What is Christie Rampone's number?
Who was the Head Coach from 2008-2012?
What college did Tobin Heath attend?
Who tore their ACL before the 2012 Olympics?
What is Morgan Brian's number?
Who played left back at the 2012 Olympics?
Who was number 2 before Sydney Leroux?
'Gumby Jr.' is to Morgan Brian, as 'Gumby' is to ________?
Who lived with Morgan Brian in Jeff van Gundy's house when they played for the Houston Dash?
Which player surprisingly announced their retirement at age 28 following the World Cup?
Who played right back in the 2012 Olympics?
Who wore number 9 after Mia Hamm?
Who is famous for their freckles?
Which player is referred to as 'bean'?
Who took the 5th PK against Brazil in 2011?
Who wore number 22 in the 2015 WWC?
Which player wore number 7 during the 2015 WWC?
Who assisted Alex Morgan's infamous 122nd minute goal?
What (former) player is nicknamed Bue?
Who was Abby Wambach's famous last minute goal against in the 2011 WWC?
Who did they play in the 2012 Olympic semifinal in the so-called 'greatest game ever'?
Who has a brother named Jeffrey?
Who hated sleepovers when they were young?
What was the WC final 2015 score? (__-__)
Whose middle name is Amelia?
Who is getting gas in the Chevron/Visa commercial?
Who did the NT play in the 2015 WWC semifinals?
What NWSL club does Morgan Brian play for?
Who scored a goal in the 2012 Olympics and dedicated it to Ali Krieger (who was injured at the time)?
Who has a sister named Tyler?
'My Dear Friend ____ _____' - Hope Solo
Who did USA play in the 2015 WWC quarterfinals?
Who scored the last goal of the 2015 WWC final?
Which player speaks fluent Spanish?
Which player hates sleeves?
Which player is from Florida?
Who has a brother named Kyle?
What club did Alex Morgan play for from 2013-2015?
Which current player is known for their obsession with macarons?
The 'new kids' refers to Amy Rodriguez, Tobin Heath and ____ ______?
Who is currently the most capped midfielder?
Who is the best bowler on the team?
Who had open-heart surgery when they were 3?
What NWSL club does Crystal Dunn play for?
Who is obsessed with putting on mascara?
Who wears number 4?
Who doesn't invite their family to the games due to superstition?
Who stopped driving in the middle of the road to save a turtle crossing the road?
Which player refers to themselves as 'hood rat'?
Which player is from Richland, Washington?
What position did Rachel Buehler play?
What position does Alyssa Naeher play?
Who jumped onto a giant flamingo in Morgan Brian's instavid?
Which player comes from Torrance, CA?
Which player hid their dog inside their dorm room during their freshman year in college?
Who famously wears number 20?
Which player was cut from the WC Qualifying roster but made the 2015 WWC roster and started every game?
Who has the highest FIFA 16 rating?
Who attended college with Kelley O'Hara?
Who fouled to give Sasic the PK in the WC semifinal?
What position did Jill Loyden play?
Which player went to Notre Dame?
Who does ads for chocolate milk?
Who thinks the new kits are really 'clean'?
What is Amy Rodriquez's son's name?
Where did Lori Chalupny go to college?
Who dressed up as a 'dolphin trainer' for Halloween in 2010?
Who normally wears number 15?
Which retired player acts as an older sister to Moe?
Whose nose was bleeding during the 2015 World Cup?
Who is obsessed with her dogs?
Which player went to USC?
What is Barnie's first name?
Who waved the terrible towel after scoring in their hometown?
Who is number 10?
Who was the number 1 pick of the NWSL draft in 2014?
Why did Rachel Buehler retire from soccer? (to become _______)
Whose middle name is Powell?
Finish the phrase: Hey-oh & Pinoe & Wambach & _______?
Who is 'polar bear'?
Christen Press has played in which country (besides the US)?
What player has a handshake with Alex Morgan that they do before the game?
Who was the youngest on the 2015 WWC team?`
Who celebrated their 200th cap during the WC Victory Tour?
Who wore the number 11 in the 2012 Olympics?
What is Ali Krieger's middle name?
Who beat Kristine Lilly's beep test record at the young age of 22?
What was Abby's number in the 2012 Olympics?
Ashlyn Harris' middle name is _____?
Who does ads for Tampax?
Who went to the University of Washington?
Who won the Hermann trophy twice in 2013 and 2014?
Which forward went to UCLA?
Who wore number 12 in the 2015 WWC?
Who had a TV special called Becoming ____?
Where did Whitney Engen go to college?
Who is known for scaring her teammates?
Who 'hates' hugging?
Who didn't take off their World champions shirt for like a week?
Which forward was born in Canada?
The 'department of defense' refers to ______?
Who wore sunglasses to the victory tour?
What college did Alex Morgan attend?
Who was on dancing with the stars?
What club team did Alex Morgan play for when she was a kid?
Who was Kelley O'Hara's ultimate prank partner?
Who has played in 5 World Cups?
Which player almost died when they were in college?
Who was Kelley O'Hara's roommate at the 2012 Olympics?
Which 'new new kid' started every game of the World Cup?
Who has a dog named Leo?
The two players who weren't allowed to play against China PR in the WC were Megan Rapinoe and _____?
Who is Boss?
Whose twitter bio is simply 'futbolista'?
What is Alex Morgan's middle sister's name?
Which new kid was 'on time to this?'
Who hates cockroaches?
Which player owns chickens?
Who is HAO's irish soul sister?
Who won best defender in the NWSL three times in a row?
Which defender is known for their headers?
Where did Heather O'Reilly attend college?
Who scored from midfield?
What is Kelley's middle name?
Which player hurt their head/back off a header in the WC semifinal, causing the other player to bleed?
Which player threw a pie in Ali Krieger's face on camera?
Who is known for doing everyone's hair?
Who almost got a red card in the World cup for a penalty in the box?
Where did Carli Lloyd go to college?
What were the famous words after Alex Morgan's injury time header in the 2012 Olympics against Canada?
Who is scared of vomit?
Where did Ali Krieger go to college?
Who is famous for their 'game face'?
What European club did Lindsey Horan play for?
Which player do all the others tend to jump on during goal celebrations?
Who yells in the pre-game speeches?
Who is a 15er and also a 99er?
'LeP' refers to _____ _____?
What is Alex's oldest sister's name?
Who is known for nutmegging players?
Who did Kelley refer to as an 'ugly duckling'?
Who has a sister named Channing?
Who is Julie Johnston's mentor on the team?
'Panic Petunia' refers to ______?
Who coached Sky Blue FC to victory when they were preggers?
What is Alex Morgan's middle name?
Who went to UCLA from 2006-2009?
Which midfielder has a rating of 90 on FIFA with a 5-star 'weak' foot?
Who does ads for Under Armour?
Who ran to Carli on the ground after winning the 2015 World Cup?
Who wears number 17?
Who is roommates with Sam Kerr and Caitlin Ford?
What college did Kelley O'hara attend?

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