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Definition of First Phrase (or word)OronymsDefinition of Second Phrase
Mercy killingChildren in China, India, Russia, etc.
Very small; infinitesimalA pet salamander that is mine
An island located in southeastern New York, popular for their iced teasThe terrain a male landscaper tends to
A quartet of waxy sticks with wicksThe opposite ends of the common utensil with prongs
To rely, especially for support or maintenanceThe area of the pool that is not shallow
A frozen dessert usually made from dairy products, such as milk and creamWhat I do when I am scared or need to get someone's attention
Nasal congestionThings that a male is aware of
The letter mark you most want to see on your report cardAn overcast sky for 24 hours
Definition of First Phrase (or word)OronymsDefinition of Second Phrase
A British festive sweet pastryA wintergreen-flavored James Bond
The term for a series of economic programs passed by Congress during the first term of FDRA naked, snakelike marine or freshwater fish
Perennial flowers that come from bulbsWhat you have on your face to cover your teeth; can apply lipstick to them
Sienna, Corolla, Camry...A plastic model of the wise master of the Force and teacher of Jedi
A person who enjoys hamburgers, meatloaf, or steakA person who provides food for wasps
Discussions that (hopefully) lead to agreement or a treaty to end hostilitiesTall stems containing small, round, green seeds found in pods
Acidic salt (molecular formula NO3)Tariff during hours of darkness
An occasion at which a meal is eaten outdoors, sometimes at a parkTo choose Mr. Carter of the Backstreet Boys

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