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Biological evloution is defined as?
A group of related organisms that share a distinctive form is called a?
The concept of a species was proposed by?
Empirical thought relies on what to form a hypothesis?
Charles Darwin suggested that species are derived from?
Molecular evolution refers to?
What message influenced Darwin from the works of Malthus?
The result of natural selection is?
What are two factors are the basis of Darwin's theory?
Darwin published On the Origin of Species based on what author of a similar theme?
The Modern Synthesis evolution is based on?
The interlocking rib cage of Titaalik roseae suggest this organism had what?
Species are said to be endemic if they are?
Is selective breeding resulting from programs designed to modify traits in domesticated species? (Yes or No)
The major difference between natural selection and artificial selection is?
Artificial selection is driven by?
Fundamental similarity due to descent from a common ancester is called?
Similarity in evloutionarily unrelated groups due to adaptation to similar environments is called?
Gene families are created by?
Exchange of genetic material among different species is called?

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