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Forced Order
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Twilight Sagaanswer
Who did Carlisle change into a vampire first?
Where did Carlisle hide after being bitten by a vampire?
Who jumped off a cliff after their child died?
Who was attacked by her fiance and friends?
Who told the Volturi about Renesmee?
Who did Sam break up with to be with Emily?
Where did Bella and Edward go on their honeymoon?
How did Alice know about the Cullens?
Who changed Jasper into a Vampire?
Who did Jacob imprint with?
Twilight Sagaanswer
Who fought against Riley and Victoria?
What is Bella's special power?
Who votes no to Bella becoming a vampire?
What must Bella do before Edward will change her into a vampire?
What animal does Bella kill first?
Who beats Emmett at armwrestling?
What is the name of the newborn vampire that Carlisle allows to live in Eclipse?
Whose ring does Edward give Bella as an engagement ring?
Who was left to die after being attacked by a bear?
Who sleeps with Bella in the sleeping bag?

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