Glee Trivia Season One (Easy)

Can you name the answers to the Glee trivia?

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What does Mr Schuester plant in Finn's locker to blackmail him into joining the Glee Club?Pilot
When the Glee Cast visit Vocal Adrenaline to watch them, what song are they performing?Pilot
What is Artie trapped in when Puck and his football friends go to bully him and try and get Finn to join in?Pilot
What position does Finn occupy on the football team?Pilot
What song do the cast sing at the end of the episode, with Rachel and Finn on lead?Pilot
What club does Rachel join to impress Finn?Showmance
Finish this quote by Mr Schuester: 'Everybody loves _______Showmance
What job does Will pick up after hours to get extra money to buy a nicer house?Showmance
What does Terri eventually offer to convert into a nursery?Showmance
At the end of the episode, what song does Rachel sing to Finn?Showmance
What profession did Will's dad always want to take up?Acafellas
Henri St- Pierre is addicted to what?Acafellas
Vocal Adrenaline practice from 2.30 until when?Acafellas
What is the name of the mentor the Glee crew bring in to help them develop? Acafellas
Name one thing that Josh Groban asks for Sandy not to send him.Acafellas
Name one of the songs visible on Kurt's Ipod at the beginning of the episode?Preggers
Who does Mr Schuester give the West Side Story lead vocals to?Preggers
What does Sandy collect?Preggers
What does Terri give Quinn to help with her unborn baby?Preggers
Finish The Quote: 'Night time ____ _____ (2 words) is a big part of my post game ritual'?Preggers
How many credits did April need to finish school?The Rhodes Not Taken
What production does Rachel become involved in?The Rhodes Not Taken
What night is Karaoke Night at the bowling alley?The Rhodes Not Taken
And what is on on a Tuesday night?The Rhodes Not Taken
What role did Sandy want to write himself into a scene as?The Rhodes Not Taken
What does Emma clean off Will's 'Kirk Douglas chin dimple'?Vitamin D
Finish Sue's quote: 'Me, I never wanted kids. I don't have the time, don't have the ________'?Vitamin D
Who drew pornographic pictures of Rachel on the wall in the bathroom?Vitamin D
What color are the girls' dresses in the Halo/Walking on Sunshine mashup?Vitamin D
What song does Rachel wake up to in the morning?Vitamin D
What is the name of Sue's special elite Glee club?Throwdown
Instead of spelling out Go Team, what do the cheerleaders spell out?Throwdown
What song do the Glee club sing when they get back together briefly before practice?Throwdown
How is Brittany part of a minority, as mentioned by Sue?Throwdown
What occupation is Mercedes' father?Throwdown
Name one of the rap songs that is performed in this episode (Mash-Up)?Mash Up
What song does Emma want for the wedding?Mash Up
What movie does Puck and his family watch for their traditional Simchat Torah screening?Mash Up
What is the name of Rod's co-host on WOHN8 news?Mash Up
What do Finn and Quinn wear to make themselves seem cooler at school?Mash Up
What colour streaks are in Tina's hair?Wheels
What singer does Kurt's father mention as being solely devoted to in terms of his collection?Wheels
What is the name of the last person to audition for the Cheerio's?Wheels
What is the difficult note in Defying Gravity that Mr Schuester mentions?Wheels
What has Tina been faking since eighth grade?Wheels
What does Brittany think a ballad is?Ballad
What novelty gift does Suzy Pepper get for Mr Schuester?Ballad
What song does Kurt intend to sing as his ballad (but he doesn't actually sing it)?Ballad
What show does Quinn's father rush to watch?Ballad
What does Rachel buy Mr Schuester as a sorry gift?Ballad
What is the name of the girls school that Will visits?Hairography
How did the director of the Haverbrook Deaf School glee club lose his hearing?Hairography
Finish Finn's quote: 'I'm gonna say this as nicely as possible, but you look like some sad, clown ________?Hairography
According to Brittany, hairography is like a cool version of what disorder?Hairography
What was Puck distracted with while babysitting with Quinn?Hairography
Name one of the clubs that Rachel joins to get her picture in the yearbook (not the Glee Club please).Mattress
What excuse does Mercedes give to not become co-captain of the Glee Club?Mattress
How does Rachel initially convince the photographer that she would be great for the commercial?Mattress
Finish Rachel's quote: 'I'm about to present to you a rare opportunity, the opportunity to become ____'Mattress
Where does Will sleep after he walks out on Terri?Mattress
Name a song that is performed by New Directions at sectionals?Sectionals
Who replaces Finn on the way to sectionals?Sectionals
Finish Rachel's quote: 'Well I do have something that I've been working since I was ____'Sectionals
Where is Sue's condo?Sectionals
What is the closing song of this episode?Sectionals
What do we find out that Finn is allergic to in this episode?Hell-O
What is the name of the boy Rachel meets from Vocal Adrenaline?Hell-O
What club does Sue invite Rachel into?Hell-O
Who is looking on as Rachel meets up with her new boyfriend in secret?Hell-O
What is the name of the song that Vocal Adrenaline sings when Rachel goes to visit?Hell-O
What is the name of Sue's diary that she writes in in a number of episodes?The Power of Madonna
Name a Madonna song that is played in the episode but not sung.The Power of Madonna
Who does Finn think is the guy version of Madonna?The Power of Madonna
Finish Finn's line: 'I don't feel anything, 'cause __ ____ ____ ________ (4 words).The Power of Madonna
Who's hair does Will compare Sue's to?The Power of Madonna
What piece of furniture does Finn get angry that his mother intends to trade in?Home
Where is April working when Will unexpectedly meets up with her?Home
Name one of the foods that Mercedes sees in place of people before she faints.Home
What is the first name of the freelance journalist that comes to visit Sue?Home
What sport do Burt and Finn watch on TV?Home
What number one singer appears on this episode?Bad Reputation
Who is at the top of the Glist?Bad Reputation
And who does not feature on the Glist at all?Bad Reputation
What offensive word does Emma repeatedly call Will when she confronts him?Bad Reputation
Who plays the angels in Rachel's 'Run Joey Run' video?Bad Reputation
Lauren Zizes is the leader of what club in the school?Laryngitis
What song does Rachel sing when she realises that she has lost her voice?Laryngitis
Puck has downloaded every song on iTunes from what artist?Laryngitis
Who sings The Boy Is Mine in this episode?Laryngitis
What is the first thing Puck 'needs to know' about Mercedes?Laryngitis
What is Artie's dream?Dream On
Who plays Bryan Ryan?Dream On
What production do Bryan Ryan and Will Schuester audition for?Dream On
What does Rachel's Vocal Adrenaline boyfriend need to ensure he gives to Rachel on behalf of Mrs. Corcoran?Dream On
Who does Tina choose as her dance partner in her tap dance performance?Dream On`
Name an item that Rachel finds that leads her to believe that Vocal Adrenaline are performing a Lady GaGa number.Theatricality
What is on Brittany's head as part of her Lady GaGa costumer?Theatricality
What word does Finn offend Kurt and Kurt's father with?Theatricality
What name is decided for Quinn's baby?Theatricality
What does Mrs Corcoran give to Rachel as a parting gift?Theatricality
Who toilet papers the choir room?Funk
What song does Quinn sing to discover her 'funky side'?Funk
What is Sue's favourite flavour of 'Extreme Challenge Lifestyle Carbo-Gels'?Funk
Who does Quinn get invited to move in with?Funk
Sue wins Nationals in this episode. How many times has she won Nationals now?Funk
Who were Tina's two Facebook friends at the beginning of the year?Journey
What is the name of Emma's new boyfriend?Journey
The Glee Clubs are New Directions, Vocal Adrenaline and ...?Journey
Finish Sue's line: 'Olivia, you're ____ __ ___ (3 words)'Journey
What song do the Glee Club sing to Mr Schuester to say thank you?Journey

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