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Raj says he sucks!A
Leonard's mother's first nameB
Name of the girl Raj dates while still with EmilyC
According to Sheldon, Penny dislocated her shoulder on account of a lack of adhesiveD
Howard’s hero, whom he meets while serving the homeless for Thanksgiving and with whom he shares a pumpkin pieE
Name of Sheldon and Amy’s Internet showF
Head of the Physics department at Caltech who may or may not have had a romantic relationship with Sheldon’s motherG
The instrument that Amy playsH
Sheldon's is 187I
Group of superheroes that the gang dresses as for Stuart’s New Years Eve party at the comic book storeJ
Leonard’s most common password that Sheldon uses to hack into Leonard’s Facebook accountK
Name of the 200-pound transvestite with a skin condition who inhabited apartment 4B before PennyL
Sheldon’s twin sister’s first nameM
Where Leonard goes on a scientific expedition to work with Stephen HawkingN
The city Penny’s fromO
Penny’s job after she gives up actingP
The category of physics that makes Sheldon so happy, “like looking at the universe naked”Q
Bernadette’s maiden nameR
Name of the low-budget horror movie where Penny appears topless in the showerS
Sheldon asks Howard to teach him Mandarin because he wants to complain to a Chinese restaurant about his…T
What Sheldon tries to buy by hacking into a government’s supercomputer in order to figure out Howard’s magic trickU
When Leonard is invited to Switzerland to observe the Large Hadron ColliderV
What Sheldon wants when playing Settlers of Catan with Wolowitz and Koothrapali, not realising that he’s making inappropriate jokesW
Name of the team that inspires Sheldon to have his C-MenX
What Sheldon mentions he knows how to do on NPR (and what he subsequently does), to avoid answering questions about his scientific blunderY
Sheldon as The Flash: “I’ll be back before this banana hits the ground! …..! …..! …..!'Z

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