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Can you name the X-Men Who Died And Were Resurrected?

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Gutted in combat by a villain.Came back to life minutes later, revealing that he was an immortal.
Died while attempting to stop a mentally disturbed teammate from activating an experimental machine.Upon death, his consciousness was actually transported to a parallel dimension where it possessed that dimension's version of himself.
Sacrificed himself to save the world by spreading his essence across the globe.After years of effort, he was eventually able to pull his essence back together.
Died after having her heart pulled from her chest.Revealed to still be alive because her physiology contains two hearts.
Sacrificed himself in order to cure a lethal and previously untreatable disease.Brought back to life by alien technology.
Her body was found in the wreckage of a plane shot down by her teammate.The body was a fake, and she had actually been reduced to a child.
Injected with a drug that caused him to suffer a heart attack.His soul was captured on its way to the afterlife, allowing his teammates to rescue him and bring him back to life.
Sacrificed himself in order to save the life of his son from a parallel dimension.His actual son and his wife separated him from the powerful entity that had merged with his body.
After having his body mutilated, the last of his powers and life essence were drained from his body.He was rescued by his native government and had his body and powers restored by a villain.
Died in an explosion, which may or may not have been a suicide attempt after he lost his powers.His death was faked in order to be given new powers and serve a villain.
Disappeared in an explosion in a villain's base.In reality, she was possessed by a powerful villain...and became obese.
Caught in an explosion although he was already dying of an incurable disease.In actuality, a shapeshifter had died in his place while he secretly prepared for a pending alien invasion.
Died of old age in the distant future.Came back to life after her timeline ceased to exist.
Killed by a brainwashed teammate.Resurrected and turned into an assassin by the same organization that brainwashed his teammate.
Committed suicide in order to prevent her insane alter ego from destroying more planets.In reality, she had been cloned by her alter ego and it was the clone that committed suicide.
His body was reduced to ashes after it was attempted to be harvested for his powers.When his ashes were collected by a new villain he was eventually brought back to life, although at the time he was thought to be his best friend reborn.
Killed in combat by a skilled villain.Brought back to life by the reality warping abilities of her brother.
Died of an incurable disease.Recreated by a demon based on memories of her former life.
Shot with a bullet that caused her body to shatter.Fused back together and brought back to life by the power of her teammate.
Run through by the blade of the latest incarnation of a powerful villain.In actuality, he had been the villain the entire time and the person that died was a shapeshifter.

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