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Can you name the actors nominated for oscars for playing real life Presidents, First Ladies, Kings and Queens?

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Best Actor
Abraham Lincoln 
King George VI 
Nelson Mandela 
Richard Nixon 
Idi Amin 
Richard Nixon 
King George III 
King Henry V 
Harry S. Truman 
King Henry VIII 
King Henry II (Twice!) 
King Richard III 
King Mongkut of Siam 
King Henry V 
Woodrow Wilson 
Abraham Lincoln 
Napoleon Bonaparte 
King Henry VIII 
Best Actress
Queen Elizabeth I (Twice!) 
Queen Elizabeth II 
Queen Victoria 
Mary, Queen of Scots 
Empress Alexandra of Russia 
Queen Anne Boleyn 
Eleanor of Aquitaine 
Eleanor Roosevelt 
Queen Marie Antoinette 
Best Supporting Actor
Emperor Commodus 
John Quincy Adams 
King Henry VIII 
King Louis VII of France 
Emperor Nero 
King Charles VII of France 
Emperor Maximilian I of Mexico 
King Louis XVI of France 
King Louis XI of France 
Best Supporting Actress
Mary Todd Lincoln 
Queen Elizabeth (The Queen Mother) 
Queen Elizabeth I 
Pat Nixon 
Queen Charlotte (Consort of George III) 

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