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YearWinnerTV Show
1960The Night of the Big Heat (ITV)
1961Maigret (BBC)
1962Steptoe and Son (BBC)
1963The Lover (ITV)
1964Malatesta (BBC)
1965The Count of Monte Cristo (BBC)
1966Til Death Us Do Part (BBC)
1967The Forsyte Saga (BBC)
1968Misleading Cases (BBC)
1969Callan (ITV)
1970The Six Wives of Henry VIII (BBC)
1971Traitor (BBC)
1972War and Peace (BBC)
1973The Death of Adolf Hitler (ITV)
1974Crown Matrimonial (BBC)
1975The Naked Civil Servant (ITV)
1976I, Claudius (BBC)
1977Professional Foul (BBC)
1978Edward and Mrs. Simpson (ITV)
1979Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy (BBC)
1980Blade on the Feather (ITV)
1981Brideshead Revisited (ITV)
1982Smiley's People (BBC)
1983An Englishman Abroad (BBC)
1984The Jewel in the Crown (ITV)
1985Edge of Darkness (BBC2)
1986The Singing Detective (BBC2)
1987Porterhouse Blue (C4)
1988A Very British Coup (C4)
YearWinnerTV Show
1989Inspector Morse (ITV)
1990House of Cards (BBC)
1991GBH (C4)
1992Inspector Morse (ITV)
1993Cracker (ITV)
1994Cracker (ITV)
1995Cracker (ITV)
1996The Fragile Heart (C4)
1997A Dance to the Music of Time (C4)
1998A Rather English Marriage (BBC1)
1999Wives and Daughters (BBC1)
2000Longitude (C4)
2001Perfect Strangers (BBC1)
2002The Gathering Storm (BBC1)
2003State of Play (BBC1)
2004Not Only But Always (C4)
2005The Government Inspector (C4)
2006Longford (C4)
2007Boy A (C4)
2008The Shooting of Thomas Hurndall (C4)
2009Wallander (BBC1)
2010Eric and Ernie (BBC1)
2011Appropriate Adult (ITV)
2012The Hollow Crown: Richard II (BBC2)
2013Southcliffe (C4)
2014The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies (ITV)
2015Wolf Hall (BBC2)
2016Murdered by my Father (BBC3)

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