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Can you name the Gilmore Girls Jobs and relationship questions??

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what is Lorelai gimore's occupation?
what is Richard Gilmore's occupation?
what is Sookie st. Jame's occupation?
what is Michel Gerard's occupation?
what is Jackson Belleville's occupation?
what is Luke Dane's occupation?
what is Taylor Doose's occupation?
what is Mrs. Kim's occupation?
what is Lane Kim's occupation?
what is Kirk Gleason's occupation?
what is Max Medina's occupation?
what is Liz Dane's occupation?
what is Gypsy's occupation?
I am Rory's first kiss and boyfriend
Lorelai and I started dating secretly,because I'm Rory's teacher
Lane and I went on a double date with Rory and Dean
Sookie and I finally decided to go out
Emily and I are happily married
I have a secret crush on Lorelai, and everyone knows but her
Lorelai and I were set up on a terrible double date; we both didn't like each other
Lorelai and I have an off-an-on relationship, but I am Rory's father, so I'll always be in her life
Rory and I had one kiss at a party, but she started crying
Luke and I have dated a lot in the past, but I finally ended it with him because he was in love with someone else
I proposed with 100 yellow daisies, but she broke it off with me at the last minute
Rory and I got back together after she finally told me she loves me
Lane and I met through Rory and secretly dated, even though her mom would have loved me
Rory and I kiss when I come back, even though she's still dating Dean
Lorelai and I almost got back together for real, but I really screwed up this time
Christopher got me pregnant, but then I left him and our daughter
Sookie and I get married!
I am the first guy Paris has officially dated; we met at the D.C. internship
I ask Lorelai out on a date after being encouraged by Luke
Rory and I broke up because I figured out that she was in love with Jess
Lane and I start dating secretly until her mom finally gives us permission to go to prom
Rory and I finally start dating for real
Lorelai and I go out and I invite her on a fishing trip
Dean I and start dating, and he proposes to me right after we graduate from high school
I leave without saying goodbye... again
Luke and I get married on a cruise, but then we decided to get divorced
Lorelai and I were childhood friends and I am her dad's business partner; we start dating, keeping it secret from Emily and Richard
Rory and I go out for one date, it didn't go so well and we ended up sitting on the same side of the table
I am Kirk's first official girlfriend
I am Richard's old college girlfriend, whom Emily is quite jealous of
Paris and I start dating, while she is still dating her old boyfriend
Liz, Luke's younger sister, and I get married
Lorelai and I finally get together after years of my secret crush on her
Richard and I decide to be separated for a while
Rory and I sleep together, even though I'm married, and we get back together for a little while
Paris and I meet while speed-dating and end up dating
Rory and I have been friends for quite a while, and I finally get up the nerve to ask her out, but she's dating someone else
Emily and I get back together after a stray dog reunites us
Rory and I start dating, but it's casual
Lane and I are in the same band, and we start dating
Due to Emily's meddling Lorelai and I break up, but we soon get back together
I decide to make Rory my official and only girlfriend
Lorelai turns to me after Luke turns down her ultimatum
Lane and I get married!
Lorelai and I get married... and divorced
I propose to Rory, but she said no
Lorelai and I get back together in the last episode

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