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(Come in out of the DARKNESS) 
(In DARK sorrow They gaze down into the DARKEST heart) 
(Was it my DARKNESS... shadow light) 
(My eye-make-up is DARK and it's careless) 
(DARK upon light because it hurts too much) 
(I was just that old, that August DARK, DARK day) 
(In all your DARKEST hours. have you ever heard me sing) 
(And you've been everywhere... And you live in DARK shadows) 
(Maybe love will reach your heart... Thought I saw it in the DARK) 
(All around black ink DARKNESS) 
(So she stood there in the hallway frozen, in the DARK) 
(Come in and out of the DARKNESS, It’s a beautiful day) 
(I used to love you, See the LIGHT inside of you) 
(It was DARK out and I held the cards) 
(I love to waltz with a man in a DARK linen suit) 
(Driving my car in the rain, in the DARK, well every dog seems to have her day.) 
(And DARK desperate hours that nobody sees) 
(Glowing in the DARKNESS In her own angel way) 
(Yeah you're the DARK angel, It don't show when you break up) 
(I knew with you to LIGHT my nights, somehow I'd get by) 
(And she in all her magic, with hands as quick as LIGHT) 
Was it my darkness... shadow LIGHT) 
(Dark upon LIGHT because it hurts too much) 
(This LIGHT here... some become strangers) 
(Blinded by the LIGHT of the day, she has known the nightmare) 
(It seemed to be the only thing left out in the LIGHT) 
(There was a LIGHT that LIGHTENED the way to the chamber...) 
(In the morning LIGHT... he says, 'When will I see you?' She says, 'I don't think tomorrow, baby') 
(You're just an instant flash of LIGHT that shines through the night like a lighthouse) 
(Not until tomorrow's LIGHT, then I'll say goodnight) 
(With honor be it spoken to understand this LIGHT that we carry) 
(The bright LIGHT is lying down) 
(I’m always in and out of your LIGHT) 
(I try to push them gently Back into the LIGHT) 
(Love LIGHT, lover's stare, well you used to make me shiver) 
(The sun keeps throwin' out the LIGHT from the clouds) 
(A very soft shirt in a LIGHT blue) 
(And the LIGHT that shines through the shining night) 
(But never take me LIGHTLY or I can never stay) 
(You live by the LIGHT of the moon and I live by LIGHT of desire) 
(Sweet love showin' us a heavenly LIGHT) 

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