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(Just Like the WHITE wing dove) 
(Long Nets of WHITE cloud my memory) 
(I can see past you - to the WHITE sand...) 
(She went back into her ocean, back to her WHITE house.) 
(You are lost in dreaming Where is the wild WHITE rose) 
(Sounded good on a Delicate WHITE-ribbon card) 
(All around BLACK ink darkness) 
(As I run through the door of the long BLACKā€¦car) 
(Well look up it's a shooting star, but it's as BLACK as stars) 
(Lose yourself in a SILVERY dress For you think you must do what you feel you do best) 
(Love was the thing... So the SILVER-haired girl looks for escapism) 
(Like a ghostly whisper, she's gone Like a SILVERY rainbow) 
(Star shine, you used to be SILVER) 
(Like a soft SILVER chain) 
(All in cream-colored _____ and soft YELLOWS) 
(What I seem to touch these days has turned to GOLD) 
(A band of GOLD you said was all you could buy) 
(Don't let that GOLDEN hair, get in your way) 
(A strand of GOLDEN hair tangled Like the words of a song) 
(But you're always a GOLDEN boy and I'm the girl that you enjoy) 
(The rose stood out ____ against the GOLDEN wall) 
(No, I never got over those BLUE eyes) 
(Turn to the BLUE crystal mirror... well as always it is truthful) 
(It is BLUE, it is not about you) 
(Will you dance with me, Belle BLUE) 
(A very soft shirt in a light BLUE) 
(You could be my Silver spring, BLUE-____ colors flashing) 
(The rose stood out RED against the ____ wall) 
(I need some new RED velvet shoes) 
(Well I live below .a great RED mountain) 
(She fell through the IVORY morning deep into the waters of the one she called love) 
(All in cream-colored IVORIES and soft _______) 
(Blue-Gary eyes... they change with the color..) 
(Well, someday when we're older And my hair is _____ GRAY) 
(It is GREEN, It is _______) 
(You could be my Silver spring, ____-GREEN colors flashing) 
(It is _________, It is AQUAMARINE) 
(It's like PURPLE haze It's there every day) 

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