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Who drinks the most wine?
Which male hasn't Stevie claimed to have slept with?
According to Carol Ann Harris, who called Stevie a 'schizophrenic bitch'?
Who is the primary writer of 'The Chain'?
Whose neice sings backup on 'Say You Will'?
Which member has been married since 1978?
Which member has been married the most?
Who played percussion on 'Not That Funny'?
Who's is the only member to NOT record a duo album since 1975?
Which member went bankrupt in 1984?
Who was the only member who provided financial support to the previous answer?
Which member is reading the newspaper on the '77 Rolling Stone cover?
Who did blackface for Halloween in 1978?
Who is sitting next to Christine in the 'Gypsy' music video?
According to Carol Ann Harris which member swore at Mick Jagger?
Which member told the story of having a duck roaming their house?
Who's the first member to have grandchildren?
Which member has a child on their shoulders on the Tusk album?
Only member who recorded on Stevie's 'Wild Heart' album
Only member NOT on any of Lindsey's solo album?
Which member is a big fan of Fats Domino?
Only member to act in a movie (other than themself)
Recorded an album 'Gotta Band' with Lola Thomas
After Stevie, who has the highest net worth (as of 2017)?
Who wrote the 2 songs on Rumours that were shorter than 3 minutes?

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