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Environmentally sustainable economic developmentUse political and economic systems to encourage environmentally beneficial forms of economic development, and to A social institution through which goods and services are produced, distributed, and consumed to satisfy people's needs and wants discourage environmentally harmful forms of economic growth
Cost-benefit analysis Comparing estimated costs and benefits for actions
Discount rateAn estimate of a resources future economic value compared to its present
Human capitalPeoples mental and physical talent that provide labor, management skills, and innovation
High- throughput economies Increases flow of matter and energy resources extracted from the environment through their economic systems to produce goods and services
GreenwashingA deceptive practice that some businesses use to spin environmentally harmful products and services and green, clean, and environmentally beneficisl
Gross domestic productThe annual market value of all goods and services produced by all firms and organizations operating within a country
Per capita GDPThe GDP divided by a countries total population at midyear
Economic growthAn increase in a nations capacity to provide goods and services to people
Economic developmentImprovement of human living standards through economic growth
Matter recycling and reuse economyNature by recycling and reusing most matter outputs instead of dumping them into the environment
Natural capitalResources and services produced by the earth's natural processes
Genuine progress indicatorThe GDP plus the estimated value of beneficial transactions that meet basic needs, but in which no money changes hands,minus the estimated harmful environmental mental, health, and social costs of all transactions
Economic systemA social institution through which goods and services are produced, distributed, and consumed to satisfy people's needs and wants
Low-throughput economy Controlling human population growth, greatly reducing poverty, using and wasting less matter and energy resources, and reusing, recycling, or composting most matter resources
Manufactured capitalMachinery, equipment, and factories made from natural resources with the help of human resources

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