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Forced Order
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Romans leave Britain
Pope Gregory sends Augustine
Paulinus converts Edwin at Yeavering
Sutton Hoo burial date approx.
Major plague hits Britain
How long does the plague take to spread north?
Who introduces coinage?
What kingdom was the answer to 7 king of?
Beowulf composed approx.
Bedes Ecclesiastical History written
Vikings attack Lindesfarne
Alfred crowned king
Battle of Maldon
Battle at Reading (Alfred vs Vikings)
Alfred defeats Vikings in the South
Alfred was the king of...
Cnut becomes king
Edward the Confessor crowned
Battle of Hastings? :P
Harrying of the North
Domesday Book
What is the Curia Regis?
Oxford university established
Durham cathedral built
Edward I summons first real parliament
Hundred Years War starts
Hundred Years War ends
Peasants revolt quite a bit
Chaucer writes Canterbury Tales
What happens 1341-1350?
How many people die-ish?
Printing press introduced by Caxton
Sorry folks but I haven't bothered doing the Tudors (type 'Reformation')
What is the population of England in 1540 (ish) ?
What does it rise to in 1600's?
And by 1650?
What is the population by 1800?
Act of Union between England and Wales
English and Scotish Crown combined under James I
Charles I crowned
Charles I forms new parliament
Charles I tried to arrest 5 MPs but fails
Which causes...
Which lasts until?
Battle of Marston Moor
Battle of Naseby
The Second Civil War
Prides Purge
Charles I executed (full date)
Cromwell becomes Lord Protector
Cromwell offered crown
Richard Cromwell becomes Lord Protector
Restoration of Charles II
Militia Act (ensures all armed forces are under the king, not parliament)
Royal Society formed
Great Fire of London
James II crowned
Glorious Revolution = William III king
Act of Union between England and Scotland
Steam power starts Industrial Rev (ish)
Riot Act
In one word, what does the riot act ban?
Transportation Act introduced
American War of Independence
French Revolution
What industry booms after the 1750's?
Thomas Paine's 'Rights of Man'
In 1800, what percentage of the population could vote?
Act of Union between England and Ireland
Peterloo Massacre
What percentage of the population was working class in 1815?
Great Reform Act
Chartist movement starts (ish)
Newport Riots
2nd Reform Act
1/5 of men can vote. True or False?
Blackpool gets a pier
Who sets us the Independent Labour Society?
Labour Representation Committee
Labour Party
Who is the first Labout PM?
In what year?
Woman get the vote? :P
First woman in parliament (date)
Representation of the Peoples Act
Great Depression/Wall Street Crash
Beveridge Report
What other act was introduced in 1948?
Notting Hill Riots
Commonwealth Immigration Act
Enoch Powells speech
What was it titled?
Immigration Act
Thatcher PM
Miners Strike
Ethnicity categorised on the census
Tony Blair PM

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