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Can you choose if each figure is a dictator/authoritarian leader (Y) or a random historical figure (N)?

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HintAnswer (Y or N)
Edgar Allan Poe
Stephen Hawking
Kōhei Uchimura
Son Heung-min
Sun Tzu
Francisco Franco
Yuri Oganessian
Pol Pot
Takaaki Kajita
Ho Chi Minh
Leonhard Euler
Adolf Hitler
Edgar Degas
Augusto Pinochet
Ruhollah Khomeini
Andrea Bocelli
Josip Broz Tito
Atandwa Kani
Joseph Stalin
Shigeru Miyamoto
HintAnswer (Y or N)
Juan Martin Del Potro
Maulana Karenga
Robert Mugabe
Ferdinand Marcos
Igor Karkaroff
Franz Kafka
Mao Zedong
Saddam Hussein
Sheldon Cooper
Idi Amin
Kim Jong-il
Benito Mussolini
Yao Ming
Maurice Ravel
Nicolae Ceaușescu
Fidel Castro
Salman Khan
Muammar Gaddafi
François Duvalier

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