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God of Wine
Author of Bacchants and Medea
Founder of Thebes; Brother of Europa
Was eaten by his own hunting dogs; Artemis myth
Ripped apart by Maenads
Ripped apart by Titans; heart was saved
Wand of Maenads entwined with ivy and topped with a pinecone
'tearing apart of wild animals and scattering of pieces'
'eating of raw animal flesh'
Epithet: Noisy God
Epithet: Nocturnal God
Epithet: Twice Born God
Epithet: The Loosener
Completes a full heroic biography with Dionysus
Where Zeus places the second baby Dionysus
Lydian sailors were turned into this
First mother of Dionysus
Second mother of Dionysus
Person who tries to kill the first Dionysus
Who the Sacred Bull belongs to
River of Forgetfulness
River of Hate
River of Fire
Ferrymen of the Underworld
Guardian of the Gates of the Underworld
The building where the Titans reside (three words)
Heaven in the Underworld (two words)
Tried to rape Leto; Punishment: vultures eat his liver
Tried to rape Hera; Punishment: on spinning wheel of fire
Rats on Zeus; Punishment: continuously pushing boulder
Fed his son to the gods; Punishment: surrounded by food and drink but can't reach either
49 killed their husbands, one did not
The term of 100 years of life and 900 years of purification
Son of Thetis; a great warrior
The Greek Spy
Greatest Trojan warrior who is killed by Achilles
King of Troy
Prince of Troy; also judged three goddesses
The book that explains Odysseus' journey home after the Fall of Troy
As long as this object was in here, Troy would not fall
The only supposedly neutral god in the Trojan War
Wife of Odysseus
Her husband is gone for 20 years; has a contest for a new husband
They eat the fruit of a specific flower, which makes Odysseus' men forget their nosdos
'homecoming' in greek; a main idea in the Odyssey
The cyclops encountered by Odysseus and his men; he eats two of his men, they blind him
Name of war where it was Greeks vs. Trojans
The name of the first lady that the war was over
The name of the second (more popular) lady that the war was over
The book that explains the Trojan War
Concubine of Agamemnon; Dad = Cryses
Concubine of Achilles; Taken by Agamemnon; reason #1 for Trojan War
The goddess that is hurt in the battle between Aeneas and Diomedes
The god that is hurt in the battle between Hector and Diomedes
The friend of Achilles who borrows his armor; faces Hector and loses
Killer of Achilles, helped by Apollo
The river Achille's mother dips him in
Hometown of Odysseus
Greatest of Greek Heroes; God-like
Mother of Heracles
Another name for the 12 labors of Heracles
National Hero of Athenians/Attica
King of Athens
The stage of man's life when he's between the age of youth and adulthood
The mother of the Medes/Persians
Who King Minos is supposed to sacrifice the Bull of Marathon to, but doesn't
Wife of King Minos who mates with the Bull
Architect of the bull suit and the labyrinth
The son of King Minos' wife and the Bull
Daughter of King Minos who helps Theseus by giving him a clew of thread for the labyrinth
Friend of Theseus who wants Persephone as his bride
King of Argos
Daughter of King of Argos; she will have a son who will kill him; showered by Zeus' golden rain in her bronze chamber
Son of the daughter of the King of Argos
The creature in which Perseus is sent by Polydectes to kill
The name of the magic purse, given by the Nymphs of Hyperborea, that can adjust in size to anything
The goddess' shield that Medusa's head is placed on
The creature that is born from Medusa's decapitated body
Has his ears liked by serpents, allowing him to understand their language
The term that describes the following: parents care for their children, then, in return, the children care for the aged parents
The Boeotian King married to Nephale
The son of the Boeotian king and Nephale
The daughter of the Boeotian king and Nephale
The stepmother of the children of the Boeotian King
The object that Phrixus hangs up after sacrificing the ram to Zeus (two words)
The 50 rowers who accompanied Jason
The greatest warrior who survives the sack of Troy; Also, main character in Vergil's Aeneid
The main origin of the main character of the Aeneid
The object the Sibyl asks for in the Aeneid (two words)
Mother of the main character of the Aeneid (Father is Anchesis)
Where certain souls have their own place (i.e. infants, wrongly executed, suicides, jilted lovers, heroes) (three words)
greek: 'glory or renown'; what mortals hope for - remembrance, usually military related greatness
The type of sacrifice that is specifically for the souls of the underworld
This man travels to the underworld to retrieve his wife, Eurydice. He plays his lyre and sings; enchants Hades and Persephone
The fruit that symbolizes that bond between husband and wife
The daughter of Demeter who is taken by Hades as his wife
The son of Queen Metaneira that Demeter cares for disguised as an old lady
The religious ceremony that is dedicated to the Demeter/Persephone myth
The man in which Demeter entrusts the spread of her agricultural arts; rides in a dragon-winged chariot
The man who refuses to participate in Dionysus' religious, drunken forest festival and is killed by Dionysus' followers for it
Father of Pentheus; was created from dragon's teeth sewn into ground of Thebes by Cadmus

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