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SeasonEpisodeEpisode Description
2Elena learns details on Stefan's past. Damon plans a dinner as an attempt to find Elijah off gaurd.
1Mystic Falls celebrates the passing of a comet. Elena meets Damon. Elena and Stefan's first kiss.
1Uncle John attempts to rid the town of vampires and causes chaos.
3First day of senior year. Stefan goes back to school on orders from Klaus to protect Elena.
1Lexi visits Stefan for a special occasion and helps Elena to realize something. Damon goes to an extreme to carry out his 'plan'.
2Caroline helps Tyler through his first transformation. Jules shows up looking for the missing Mason.
2Damon's werewolf bite begins to take its toll. Stefan gives up everything to save his brother.
3Caroline plans a party while Elena searches for clues of Stefan's whereabouts.
2Damon and Stefan help Elena and discover new information. Bonnie casts a difficult spell. Caroline helps Tyler deal with his curse.
1Damon and Elena rush to save Stefan from new enemies. Caroline discovers a body in the woods.
1Stefan struggles to come to terms with events in 1864. Elena discovers how the brothers became vampires.
3Senior prank night takes a turn for the worst. Klaus deepens his hold on Stefan using the only thing that can truly hurt him.
2Stefan and Damon deploy a new plan to capture Katherine at the Lockwood Mansion. Tyler's mistake changes his life.
3Klaus puts a plan in motion to give him more power. Elena drags Alaric and Damon into a dangerous situation to find Stefan.
1Vicki becomes uncontrollable and is dealt with by the brothers. Damon fights to get a necklace back Caroline gave to Bonnie.
1Isobel shows up and demands a meeting with Elena. Elena's friends must step in to help her deal with a situation.
2Elena goes against the brothers to gain an ally. Stefan helps a confused Jenna. Elena discovers shocking information on the moonstone curse.
1The brothers work to uncover the identity of a new vampire. Stefan and Damon take Elena to a 1950's themed dance.
3Damon tries to help Stefan. Elena and Rebekah face off and Elena discovers new information while Alaric deciphers his discovery.
3Flashbacks to the 1920's Ripper Stefan. Elena and Damon follow the Ripper's carnage to Chicago.
2Stefan and Elena attempt to spend a romantic weekend at the lakehouse but are followed by Elijah. Jules explains the curse to Tyler.
1Bonnie and Grams open the tomb and Damon discovers Katherine is not there.
1Stefan escorts Elena to the Founder's Party and asks question about his past that he refuses to answer.
2Uncle John returns to Mystic Falls. Jules takes Caroline hostage and a conflicted Tyler is unsure of which side to choose.
3Bonnie accidently releases ghosts of old friends. Lexi helps Elena to capture Stefan and tries to break him again. Ana causes trouble between Jeremy and Bonnie.
1Stefan and Damon recall the actions leading to their anger at each other. Bonnie's date with Ben ends with a kidnapping.
2At the1960's themed dance Klaus makes an appearance in Alaric's body. Damon's plan shocks everyone.
SeasonEpisodeEpisode Description
1Stefan struggles to control his hunger. A founder's party makes Stefan's strange behavior become apparent to Elena. Stefan gives up.
3The Homecoming dance takes a nasty turn when Klaus shows up expecting Michael to be dead. Damon and Elena's plan to kill Klaus goes wrong when Stefan is forced to show his humanity.
1Stefan and Elena meet for the first time on the first day of school.
1Elena and Stefan double date with Caroline and Matt. Ana and Pearl pay a visit to Damon.
2Elena pushes Katherine to reveal her past while Caroline distracts Stefan. Damon discovers the meaning of the moonstone and Jeremy and Bonnie meet Luka.
1Logan Fell returns threatening the Salvatore Brothers for information. Elena and Stefan have a realization but Elena panics when she sees a photo of Katherine.
2Stefan pushes Katherine to reveal the reason she returned to Mystic Falls. Tyler wants more information from Mason about the curse.
2Katherine is back in Mystic Falls. Tyler's Uncle Mason returns after Tyler's fathers death.
2Katherine's knowledge of Mysitc Falls becomes useful. Katherine confesses she is back for Stefan and she never loved Damon.
1Elena makes Stefan explain the everything about him and Damon. Damon turns Vicki into a vampire and she runs away.
2Caroline leaves the hospital to go to the carnival were her friends are. Damon wants to kill her but Stefan protects her.
2Isobel's sudden appearance devastates Jenna. Bonnie, Damon, and Jeremy work to harness the ancient power needed to destroy Klaus.
1Stefan's behavior becomes dangerous for everyone. Elena and Caroline compete for the title of 'Miss Mystic Falls'.
1The girls have a seance and Bonnie's ancestor destroys the medallion Damon needed to open the tomb.
1Stefan joins the football team and Mr. Tanner is killed by Damon. Elena invites Bonnie and Stefan to dinner hoping they will bond but Damon and Caroline show up.
2Mason gives Sherriff Forbes information that leads to the capture of Stefan and Damon. Caroline and Elena help the brothers at the cost of revealing Caroline being a vampire to her mom.
1Damon takes Elena on a roadtrip. When they return, Stefan tells Elena the truth about the night her parents died and that she is adopted.
2As Rose's werewolf bite begins to affect her, Damon takes it harder than expected.
2Alaric, Damon, and Elena take a trip to Duke University where Isobel worked to try to find information on The Sun and The Moon Curse while Stefan helps Caroline deal with her transition.
1Elena discovers Stefan's true identity after a man at a fundraising car wash recognizing Stefan from decades ago.
2The full moon marks the beginning of the sacrifice ritual. Klaus makes Jenna a vampire and despite Stefan offering to trade places, she is killed. Elijah does not follow the plan to kill Klaus after Klaus told Elijah he could take them to their family.
2Damon tortures information out of Mason before killing him. Stefan finds the moonstone after a terrifying event requiring Stefan's rescue by Elena.
2Elena asks for Rose's help but Rose calls Damon to deal with her. Jeremy attempts to get the moonstone from Katherine locked in the tomb by Bonnie but Stefan must intervene to save Jeremy while getting locked inside himself.
1Elena tries to get information on her birth mother. Damon and Alaric participate in a bachelor auction
3Klaus looks to a witch to reveal why his hybrids are dying. Gloria finds Stefan knows the answer and, in danger, Stefan is saved by Katherine who is wanting to get in on the plan.
2Stefan and Elena spend a romantic day together - afraid it may be their last. Damon goes to huge lengths to protect Elena from the ritual, causing the brothers to come to blows.

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