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QUIZ: Can you name the Cartoon Cartoons by Photo?

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Yucky Duck, Snoot and Al, Podunk Possum
Dee-Dee, Mandark, Dad
Carl, Lil Suzy, Pops
Red Guy, Flem, Earl
I.R. Baboon, Loulabelle, Jolly Roger
Mayor, Professor X, Mojo Jojo
Naz, Plank, the Kanker sisters
Wendell, Lancelot, Old Queeks
Cajun Fox, Eustace Bagge,
Farmer John, General Specific, Private Public
Tudreussel, Larry 3000, Otto
Grim, Hector Con Carne, Billy
Mom Unit, Cubey, Principal Madman
Numbah 1, the Delightful Children, Toilenator
Mindy, Pud'n, Eris,
Major Dr. Ghastly, General Skarr, Boskov
Major Glory, the Infraggalbe Crunk, Valhalen

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