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Can you name the Reformation/Missionary Church/Vatican II?

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author of 95 Theses
who excommunicated Luther?
place that Calvin established his theocracy
first example of swiss reformer
the denomination that John Wesley's followers became
lawyer and memeber of parliament who was appointed Lord Chancellor of England but did not support Henry Viii's marriage to Anne Boleyn
He gave Henry Viii the title of 'Defender of the Faith'?
founder of the Jesuits
Who called Council of Trent
When was the Council the Trent
founder of the Carmelite Order
native American peasant who encountered Mary outside of Mexico City in 1531
where did Francis Xavier do his missionary work?
how did Jesuits approach missionary work
famous missionary China
how did Christinaity in Japan survive?
who was the focus of early Australian missionary work?
what was Francis Xavier known for
Where did Bartolome do his missionary work?
when did the Vatican II begin?
which pope oversaw the Vatican II
who took over after the death of John XXIII
how many documents came from V2
what is 'return to the sources'
what does adjournamento mean?
what is conversion WITHIN the faith not conversion TO the faith
what is 'reaching out to new catholics'
What year did Vatican 2 end?
what was the nickname for Pope John XXIII?

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