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Can you name the things you may not know about Australia.?

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In what year did Australia become a federation & be known as the Commonwealth of Australia
The country's name comes from the Latin word 'australis' meaning what?
Who in 1770 claimed the east coast of Australia for Great Britain?
In which year was the British Crown Colony of NSW formed?
What are the two main political parties in Australia called?
How many states make up Australia?
What oceans border Australia?
Besides Australian, what nationality makes up the great percentage of ancestry?
In NSW, how many years of school education are mandatory?
Australia has the highest rate of ................... deaths in the world (type of disease?)
This Australian-claimed actor was actually born in New Zealand
This Australian born actress was actually born in Hawaii
As of 30 June 2010, Australia was ranked ..... in international Test Cricket
This clothes line was invented in Adelaide in 1945
Australians celebrate Christmas on what date? (remarkably, this isn't as stupid a question as it sounds!)

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