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Forced Order
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Which bartender was accused of flirting too much with Spencer
Where is Heidi originally from?
Who scored themself a job at Bolthouse Productions?
Who is Audrina's main love interest throughout the series?
Who has the biggest/best bitch fight of the series in season five? (widely viewed, not just my opinion!)
Who surprises everyone by turning up at 'the wedding'
Where does Whitney leave Teen Vogue for?
Where did Spencer meet Brody?
Does LC return for the final ever episode
Where does Audrina work
What is the name of Audrina's spin-off show?
What was the name of Heidi's main love interest in season one
What is the name of Whitney's spin-off show?
Who gets 'screwed over' by a major cast member at Bolthouse?
Which of the main characters doesn't go to Costa Rica in season six?
Where did Lauren get an internship in season one
Who dates one of LC's exes in season four?
Who is Lo's boyfriend?
Which couple move into together in the season two finale?
Who comes back into LC's life after she returns from New York
Who does Audrina think had a fling with Justin Bobby?
Who is Heidi's sister?
Who else scored an internship with LC at Teen Vogue?
Why were Spencer and Heidi kicked off the show?
Name one of LC's books
Name one of the four 'founding' female characters (full name)
Which teen love interest of LC's makes an appearance in season three?
Which pop star does Audrina date in season six?
Who is the last character we see (properly) in the final episode?
Who was the girls' boss at Teen Vogue
Whose friendship does LC reject half way through season two
Which step-brother of the Kardashians is introduced in season two?
Name one of Brody's best (guy) mates
Which playboy playmate does Brody date?
Who is Whitney's boss at the PR company?
Where does LC meet Stephanie?

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