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Can you name the answers to the questions based on the 2000 Summer Olympics?

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The 2000 Olympics were officially known as the Games of which Olympiad
Which athlete famously gave back her 5 Sydney Olympic Games medals in 2007
Which nation memorably won the football gold medal
Sydney outbid which city in the final round of voting to host the Games
Who opened the Games
Where was the opening ceremony held
Which other Australian city has hosted the Summer Olympics
How many sports were competed in during the Games
Which was the only IOC country banned from the Games
What was the last sporting event of the Games
Who won the Games' first gold medal (women's 10m air rifle)
Which country topped the medal count
Who lit the Olympic Torch at the opening ceremony
In Sydney, who won his 5th consecutive Olympic gold medal
Name one of the three official mascots
How many gold medals did China win
Who was the unofficial mascot
Then IOC President Juan Antonio Samaranch declared the 2000 Olympic Games the...
Who holds the gold medal for the Men's 4x400m (athletics)
Which then 17-year-old set a new record in the 400m freestyle

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