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Forced Order
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The most populated country on the planet
This African country's west coast is on the Atlantic Ocean
Located on the crossroads of western Asia and eastern Europe
Tandja Mamadou is the current president of
A former French colony
This one is so easy it doesn't need a clue
The indigenous name for this nation is Aotearoa
The world's 10th greenest country in the world to live
The 11th richest country in the world
This country's native sport is Muay
A fifth of this country's population live on just $1.25 a day
The Diamond Exchange District is located here
This country is divided into 16 provinces
One of the few countries with no military presence
The Wolof are the largest ethnic group in this country
The world's only remaining sovereign Grand Duchy
Home to tzatziki, skordalia and souvlaki
And earthquake here in 2001 killed more than 800 people
Originally declared neutrality when WWI broke
Home of the Blow Hole, the Big Prawn and the budgie smugglers

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