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Can you name the facts about the late Brittany Murphy?

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All about...Brittany Murphy...
Brittany was born in this US city
Her first TV appearance was in...
She also appeared alongside Joey Lawrence in
And appeared alongside Neve Campbell in
Her big movie break came in 1995 in
Her Clueless character (first) name was
In which movie did she play Daisy?
Who was her major co-star when she played the disturbed Elisabeth Burrows?
She was Drew Barrymore's on-set best friend in
All about...Brittany Murphy...
Before she got down and dirty with who in 8 Mile?
What was Brittany's character name in Uptown Girls?
Who was her major co-star?
Name one of the movies in which she provided a voice over
Name one of the TV shows in which she provided a voice over
Name the song Brittany released with Paul Oakenfold in 2006
Who did Brittany marry in 2007?
Complete the Clueless quote: Why should I listen to you anyway... (6 words)

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