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Who is Ron's girlfriend in his 6th year?
Cho's friend who betrays Dumbledore's Army
Name a Diagon Alley wizarding clothes shop
A pub owned by Albus's brother
How do you enter the hogwarts kitchens?
What year do students have to be in to go to Hogsmeade?
Ludo Bagman's Quidditch team
''After all this time?' '________'
A Weasley brother who's hair Molly dissaproves of
Hagrid's secret pet in Harry's first year
Neville's 'pet' plant
Voldemort's uncle
Harry is descended from which Peverell brother?
The name of Lupin and Tonk's son
The Quidditch commentator in Harry's 1st year
The colour of Hermione's cat
Harry's wand materials
What model of car do Harry and Ron travel to school in in their second year?
Fleur's sister
Dobby's grave said...
The goblin who took Harry to his vault the first time he ever went to Gringotts

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