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What is Chris Griffin's middle name?
What Is Meg's full first name?
What is Lois' long lost brother called?
Who is Quagmire's one true love?
How many times had Lois' sister Carol been married before she met (and married) Adam West?
When Peter found his birth certificate, what turned out to be his first name?
What song did Peter, Joe, Cleveland and Quagmire sing when they found the karaoke machine at the Drunken Clam?
What breed is Vinny?
What film was Peter watching with Lois that inspired him to make his own chick flick?
According to Peter and Quagmire, what should you put butter on?
Who played the part of R2D2 in the Star Wars feature specials?
What was Brian's TV show originally called before being named 'Classholes'?
And who did Brian want to play the lead role?
But who was actually cast?
What was the name of Herbert's puppeteer nemesis, whom with he fights for Chris' affection?
Which city did Meg travel to when she was captured and sold as a sex slave?
Who were Stewie and Brian rescuing when they time travelled to World War Two Poland?
What colour did some youths spray Brian one Halloween when they stole Stewie's candy?
What was the name of Quagmire's date on the night at James Woods' mansion?
What did Quagmire's dad Dan change his name to once he had transitioned into a woman?

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