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AWhat is Skill's real name?
BWhat is Haley's middle name?
CWhat group does shelley invent?
DWhat Does Nathan buy Haley with the money he wins from the 'Double Troble' dance
EWhat is Lucas's middle name?
FWhat does Haley call Nathan after he says he will right the list of ALL the girls he has slept with?
GWho sings the one tree hill theme tune?
Hwhat does Haley go as to the halloween party in seaosn 8?
IWhat is psycho derek's real name?
JWhat nickname do Lucas and Skill call Jaime?
KWho is Lily's Father?
Lwhat is one of the catagory's written on the board in season 4 episode 'Pictures of You'
MWhat is Bevin's last name?
NWhat does Mouth hate?
OHow many points do the Ravens win by in the state championship?
PWhat is brooke's middle name?
QWho helps Nathan with his 'Come Back'?
RWhat is the name of peyton's record label?
SWhere does Jake move to?
TWhere does Haley go with Chris?
UWhat concert do Haley and Mia sing at, for peytons brother?
VWhat is Brooke's mothers name?
WWhat spice girls song do Brooke, Haley, Peyton, Rachel, Shelley and Bevin dance to at the Junior/Senior party?
XWhat is Brooke's relationship to Lucas?
YWhat Colour Dress does Haley wear to formal?
ZWhat is Quinn's scary psychic called?

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