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According to medieval legend, he was a Christian king who went on a missionary to Africa
This book spoke of realms that were filled with precious stones and gold
Famous Venetian merchant traveler traveled through Asia which is described in an account of his experience, Travels
Primary motives of voyages to the outside world
Charts made by medieval navigators and mathematicians in the 13th and 14th centuries
Contained his world map that showed the world as spherical with three major landmasses of Europe, Asia, and Africa and only two oceans.
Constucted ships mobile enough to sail against the wind and engage in naval warfare. Also, they were large enough to mount heavy cannons and carry a substantial amount of goods ove
New navigational aids that helped sailors explore the high seas with confidence
Portugal took the lead in European age of expansion when exploring the coast of Africa under his sponsorship with the motives of seeking a Christian kingdom, acquiring trade opport
An area with a source of gold along the southern coast of the hump of West Africa
He took advantage of westerly winds in the South Atlantic to round the Cape of Good Hope
His fleet reached the port of Calicut after rounding the cape with the search of Christians and spices. Did not find Christians but brought home vessels filled with spices(ginger a
He set up port facilities at Goa which became the headquarters for Portuguese operations throughout the entire region
By the Portuguese taking over this country, it helped destroy the Arab trade and provide a way station on the route to the Spice Islands
By the Portuguese taking over this country, it helped destroy the Arab trade and provide a way station on the route to the Spice Islands
An Italian explorer on a Spanish exploration landed on the islands of Cuba and Hispaniola thinking he reached Asia
He explored the New England coastline of the Americas
He led an expedition across the Isthmus of Panama and reached the Pacific Ocean
He completed the first circumnavigation of the Earth
This treaty divided South America into separate Spanish and Portuguese spheres of influence
He arrived in city of Tenochtitlan and was welcomed by this Aztec king thinking that the foreigner was a representative of Quetzalcoatl. He feared them, so Moctezuma gave them a bu
As the Aztecs and Spaniards were fighting after Moctezuma was held hostage, small pox fell on the Aztecs who were not immune to the disease as many died
Under his rule, the city of Cuzco became an imposing city of stone with a highly centralized state
He took advantage of the smallpox fallen on the Incas and seized Atahualpa and Cuzco, later establishing a capital at Lima for a new colony of the Spanish Empire
A system that permitted the conquering Spaniards to collect tribute from the natives and use them as laborers
They served as the king’s chief civil and military officer aided by these advisory groups
These Dutch farmers settled in the outside of this city due to its moderate climate and freedom from tropical diseases
Slaves were tightly packed into cargo ships from Africa to the Americas
Trade in slaves connecting Europe, Africa, and the Americas
Sugar plantations in the Caribbean
A trading company established under government sponsorship that drove the Portuguese and English out of the spice market
The Dutch established a fort here on the island of Java who found it necessary to bring the inland regions under their control to secure their positions
Founder of this empire was Babur, whose grandson brought Mughal rule to most of India
The presence and success of this trading company in India increased as so did their rivals, the Dutch and French
An aggressive British empire-builder who became the chief representative of the East India Company in India
An underground prison for holding prisoners, many who died in captivity
When this dynasty was devastated by an epidemic, a peasant, Li Zicheng, and his forces led a revolt and occupied Beijing. After the Ming emperor committed suicide, the Manchus conq
A British mission under this man visited Beijing to press for liberalization of trade restrictions. However, this emperor of Qing dynasty was not interested in British products
Ieyasu Tokugawa, a powerful individual, took the title of this(“general”) to achieve unification of Japan
Because of the success of Catholic missionaries, these people of a small community in this city were only allowed to stay in Japan
These acts regulated what could be taken from and sold to the colonies
He established a settlement in Quebec
Privilege of the British granted of transporting 4,500 slaves a year into Spanish Latin America
A major economic problem in 16th and early 17th century that cause a “price revolution”
New form of commercial organization where individuals bought shares and received dividends on their investment while a board of directors ran a company and made important business
This family banking firm went bankrupt after the Habsburgs defaulted on their loans
A set of economic tendencies that came to dominate economic practices
These offsprings were from the intermarriage between Europeans and native American Indians and between whites and Africans
The reciprocal importation and exportation of plants and animals between Europe and the Americas
He created the Mercator projection that showed the true shape of landmasses in a limited region, but every line was a true direction

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