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Causes of Stress - Work
Causes of Stress - Lack of Control
Causes of Stress - Daily Hassles/Uplifts
Measuring Stress - Physiological
Measuring Stress - Self Report
Measuring Stress - Combined
Treating Stress - Cognitive
Treating Stress - Behavioural
Treating Stress- Social
Biases in Diagnosis
Definitions of Dysfunctional Behaviour
Explaining Disorders - Cognitive
Explaining Disorders - Biological
Explaining Disorders - Behavioural
Treating Disorders - Cognitive
Treating Disorders - Biological
Treating Disorders - Behavioural
Explanation of Depression - Behavioural
Explanation of Depression - Cognitive
Explanation of Depression - Biological
Treatment of Depression - Behavioural
Treatment of Depression - Cognitive
Treatment of Depression - Biological
Upbringing - Disrupted Family
Upbringing - Poverty
Upbringing - Learning From Others
Cognitions - Criminal Thinking Patterns
Cognitions - Social
Cognitions - Moral Development
Biological - Brain Dysfunction
Biological - Faulty Genes
Biological - Testosterone
Interviewing Witnesses - Facial Recognition
Interviewing Witnesses - Influencing Factors
Interviewing Witnesses - CI
Interviewing Suspects - Detecting Lies
Interviewing Suspects - Interrogation
Interviewing Suspects - False Confession
Creating a Profile - Top Down Typology
Creating a Profile - Bottom Up Typology
Creating a Profile - Case Study
Imprisonment - Planned Behaviours
Imprisonment - Depression/Suicide
Imprisonment - Situation and Roles
Prison Alternative - Probation
Prison Alternative - RJ
Prison Alternative - Death Worthy
Treatment - Cognitive Skills
Treatment - Anger Management
Treatment - Ear Acupuncture

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