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Can you name the movies set in New York City??

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YearMovieLead Actors
1950Bette Davis
1998Ryan Phillippe
1983Robert De Niro
2002Diane Lane
1979Michael Beck
1990Patrick Swayze
1984Richard Gere
2008Ryan Reynolds
1954Marlon Brando
1991Wesley Snipes
1999Adam Sandler
1973Al Pacino
2002Leonardo DiCaprio
1992Macaulay Culkin
1933Fay Wray
YearMovieLead Actors
2005Josh Hutcherson
1988Tom Hanks
2006Anne Hathaway
1967Robert Redford
1989Woody Allen
2000Sean Connery
1959Cary Grant
1997Will Smith
2009Algenis Perez Soto
1993Joe Mantegna
2000Hugh Jackman
2006Denzel Washington
1997Jack Nicholson
2008Richard Jenkins
1994Nicolas Cage

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