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fixes glasses
it makes someone hurt people all over
transformes animal's in to trophy
killes dementor's
the killing curse
makes a wand go away from hands
levitation charm
makes light at the end of your wand
starts a fire
quirrell teaches it
opens a locket
to vanish a locket
you use this spell when there is aboggart chest around
bring things to you
spell to put things in a bubble
makes something small
makes a back flip or go flying away from something
if you are very far from where you need to go this spell will take you there
splashes green light
makes a snake appear
freezes people
goes in to your eye
makes a backflip
makes people go backwards
makes blood on you
makes you throw up slugs
makes something wobble
blasts something like rocks
makes you floppy
makes something appear
makes something go flying away
makes you go up and away
makes something go away with a bite and come back with the apple bite
makes something go away to get killed
it goes in to your mind
makes a snake that makes bad guys appear
makes somethig get killed in some steam
this spell is like a vacuum machine
freezes someone
makes a small band of birds
stops an object or slows it down
fixes everything

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