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Aragog is what species?
Harry posed as this Weasley at Bill and Fleur's wedding
Amycus and Alecto
Extremely powerful sleeping potion
Harry's signature spell
Minister of Magic (Books 1-5)
Hagrid's half brother
Sweet shop in Hogsmeade
Umbridge's select students
Spell cast to cause a negative effect
Durmstrang champion
Irish quidditch team's mascot
Magical map of Hogwarts
Prison built by Grindelwald
Hermione's patronus
Professor Sprout's first name
Rita Skeeter's writing utensil
Tickling charm
Dark spell used to cut someone
Apparition lesson instructor
In Book 7, Harry is known to the ministry as
Uncle Dursley
Popular wizarding rock band
Luna's father
Ministry employee with a raining office
Joke shop

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