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QUIZ: Can you name Barney Stinsons partners?

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met at a wedding
when she cheated on him, Barney went from hippy to AWESOME
living in Madrid
living in Tokyo
living in Denmark
lives on 34th street
Barney stole her from Marshall when he and Lily were broken up
named the hot/crazy graph after her
the dangerous zone on the hot/crazy graph
waitress at Maclarens pub
works at Metro News 1
Barney made her go out with Ted but he dumped her because Barney said she was his ex
a college student from Arizona
listed her twice on his all time list
stella's secretary
one of Ted's students
Barney did not 'intend to hit that'
the girl Barney lost his virginity to
chose to have sex with her instead of keeping his suits (he was lying - he kept the suits)
has sex with her to raise Marshall's grade
hired temporarily by Lily and Marshall to nanny Marvin
Barney tells this girl that he is 'Ted Mosby - Architect'
Barney tells her that he loves commitment - they have sex in Marshall and Lily's apartment
she is English and at first, she thinks Barney is a pervert
she is a stripper at the 'Lusty Leper'

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