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Can you name the League of Gentlemen Characters (by quote)?

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Forced Order
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QuoteCharacterWhere, when, who...
'Back on the dole, getting up at dinnertime, flicking myself off to 'Trisha'.
'That Merryl!!!'
'Me name's not ____.... it's _____' (either name)
'He has made me do things that would make a **** blush!'
'Would you like your breast pinched?'
'I've only been on the hormones eighteen months and me nipples are like bullets'
'Dunno, late breakfast, read the papers?'
'About Brian getting bummed?'
'Briiight liiights... burnin' like fire'
QuoteCharacterWhere, when, who...
'I'd walk in a urinal and heads would turn!'
''Ere, put yer 'and in there...'
'Go out, will you??'
'Look Lance, there's an old saying - once the ****'s been shat...'
'I'm not rolling around on this bed with Judee Levinson's dyed minge clamped to me mouth..'
'Thats what a lot of them haven't got... friends!'
'Home is the hunter!'
'He can't walk you seeā€¦and he's blind'
'It's like Bunty, but written by tramps'

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