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who has patricia poured water all over in e1
who had to sacrifice solar system is my friend
who was tied to alfie on donkey day
who calls eddie a weasel
who is obsessed with alians
who had hired a PI
who was helping jerome with his dad
who went to australia
who was mistaken for the chosen one
who had dropped the pin every night
who has kednapped patricia and jerome and trudy
who is eddies dad
who teaches french
who teaches sport
who teaches drama and history
who is aka emily
what was the treasure
what makes you go to the afterlife
what can't the mask work without
where was the spare key hidden for the mask
what was nina given by the old lady
what did amber ask about jasper
amber was wrong about the last answer, what did she ment to ask jasper
what did vera find in the secret room
when daytime ends midday, through tears of ......... the eye shall see
what was sarahs diary recorded on
what did shape did amber get wrong when telling nina the idea of the mp3 player
what was written on the last piece of ankh
how many pieces of ankh are there
where do you watch hoa

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