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How well do you know the 1st Movement of Shostakovich's 5th Symphony?

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What year was this symphony composed?
At the time this was composed, which dictator was under power in Russia?
What key does the piece begin in?
The first movement adheres to what type of structure?
The beginning of the first movement introduces the three motifs A,B and C. Motif A is formed from an iconic interval, what is the interval?
Furthermore Motif A adopts what texture at the beginning?
Motif B is characterised by a melodic device. Name this device
Finally Motif C is presented in its raw form on an A, how many times is this repeated?
The first subject is formed from an unusual descending scale, can you name this scale?
The accompaniment in the first subject is taken from the first motif, shortening the interval. Name this interval
The start of the second subject sees the piece enter a new key at figure 11. What is the new key?
Also how does this relate to the original key? (interval)
The accompaniment in the second subject uses a motif from the introduction, layering it to outline chords. Which motif is this?
The second subject melody, with its rising and falling leap nature, is said to be based off one of the three motifs, which one?
At the end of the second subject, the piece modulates to another key. Name this key
This modulation is similar to the previous modulation at the start of the second subject. Why?

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