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World's Highest WaterfallA
Idaho's capitalB
Known as the 'Centennial State'C
Old Greek CurrencyD
Country that the Galapagos Islands belong toE
Smallest 'F' CountryF
Source of the DanubeG
'H' Great LakeH
Most Populous 'I' StateI
Indonesia's Most Populated IslandJ
Capital of RwandaK
Most Populous 'L' CountryL
North America's Highest MountainM
England's Northernmost CountyN
World's Largest Inland DeltaO
Oregon's Largest CityP
North-Eastern Section of AustraliaQ
Capital of MoroccoR
Smallest South American CountryS
Capital of TaiwanT
Italian RegionU
Longest European RiverV
One of three 'W' seasW
'X' China ProvinceX
Second Most Populous Japanese CityY
Former name of the Democratic Republic of the CongoZ

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